Bob the Hawk Manual

Bob the Hawk set up instructions

For a comprehensive guide to setting up the Jayco Hawk camper, including videos, please visit

Bob the Hawk pack down instructions

For a comprehensive guide to packing up the Jayco Hawk camper, please visit


Everything you'll need to know ...  You'll thank us later!


Camplify - 1300 416 133
For 24/7 roadside assist, press the appropriate menu option

Pickup / Drop off Address

25 Darwinia Place, GREENWOOD,


contact 000 immediately where required


[email protected]

having camper trailer issues?

Call or text Nick on 0428 305 184 or Ian on 0488 998 155


Call or text Bec on 0456 777 884


Welcome to Bob the Hawk

Bob is all set an ready to go, for wherever your adventure may take you.  We have successfully been hiring out our first camper, Carl the Camper through Camplify since June 2019 and absolutely love the idea, so we've added Bob the Hawk to our fleet.

We want others to have the opportunity to explore our great country just like we have, so we've chucked in everything you'll need to make it hassle free plus affordable.  We hope you love him as much as we do!

Cheers, Bec, Nick, Ian & Ann - Owners


What do I do if something goes wrong with Bob the Hawk camper trailer?

If something does go wrong during your trip, it is important to remain calm.  The camper is covered by comprehensive insurance and premium NRMA (RAC) Roadside Assistance.  Including  upto $3000 in emergency accommodation assistance.

If the trailer has developed a mechanical or functional fault please work with us to get the issue resolved.  This is a peer-to-peer environment, in which flexibility, respect and understanding is important.  Furthermore we're both protected by an awesome third party in Camplify.  This ensures a fair outcome for all in the case of something going wrong.


Things to Remember when using Bob the Hawk camper trailer.

  1. When winding the roof of the camper up, check the green tension guide - it should be taut but not over stretched.
  2. Undo roof clips before winding up the camper.
  3. Ensure no canvas is caught while setting up or packing down the camper, this will hinder your ability to set up the camper or  something may get torn or damaged if you try to force things into place.
  4. Make sure the bed end velcro is secure before proceeding with the bed set up.
  5. If you are on an unpowered site, use the external solar panels to maintain battery power for evening lights.
  6. Never put hot pans/pots or kettle straight on to the bench tops
  7. Wipe up any water off the bench tops.
  8. Try to run only one appliance at a time in the camper eg Microwave or toaster.

Additional Drivers for Bob the Hawk camper trailer.

If you would like to share the driving with someone else, please let us know in advance.  In order to be covered by insurance and the Camplify benefits, it is important that the additional driver creates a hire account on Camplify.  It only takes a couple of minutes to set up an account.  We also need a photo of the additional drivers licence, for Camplify's records.

Using Bob's Awning

It is highly recommended that a minimum of two people get involved when setting the awning up and packing it down. The awning should be used with guide ropes and the pegs provided.

WARNING: It is not recommended that you use the awning in heavy winds or heavy rain. Damage to the awning will result in a claim from your bond.


Please be kind to the canvas when setting and packing up, DO NOT FORCE anything.   If you need to use force, it usually means something is not right.

Cleaning Expectations

Our expectations are simple: bring the camper back clean and tidy, in the condition you received it.  A little bit of dust here and there doesn't bother us, but if we're required to clean out the fridge and wash excess amounts of dirt/mud from the body, it'll be reflected in your Camplify review and/or via a claim from the bond.

Returning Bob the Hawk camper trailer.

Please return the camper on the agreed day and at the agreed time.  If you're going to be late or wish to extend the booking, you MUST seek our approval.  Booking extensions will also need to go through Camplify.

If both parties agree, you may drop the camper off without our presence.  Please communicate in advance so that we can approve this with further instructions.

Tolls, Fines & Infringements

Understandably, these costs and any associated demerit points are your responsibility.  If you are travelling through toll roads, it is recommended that you download the Linkt App, which allows you to pay for periodic toll coverage.

Any outstanding toll charges, fines or infringements incurred during your trip will be deducted from your bond or invoice to you by Camplify accordingly.


Please be careful when storing items in the camper for travel, ensure they will not rub against the timber doors and walls and damage the camper.

Call Us

Need more help with Bob, please call us on the phone number you were given during the handover. We are happy to help.