Hitching your Camper Trailer to your Vehicle – Video

A quick instructional video from Jayco about hooking the camper on to the car. The camper in the video is larger, but the video is work a watch if it's your first time towing a camper or you need a refresher.

Hooking up the camper trailer

Once everything is packed away, you’re ready to hook up the trailer. Ensure that you have room to move, and that both vehicle and trailer are parked on level ground. If your trailer has a park brake, make sure that’s engaged, too.
Pro tip:   Make sure you don’t wind the hitch so high that it impact something on the tow vehicle above the tow ball, like a spare tyre.
  1. Raise the hitch catch
  2. Back your tow vehicle into position with the tow ball just under the hitch. If you’re not completely accurate, you’ll be able to move the camper into position by giving it a push on the drawbar. Reversing cameras are great for this task, otherwise enlist the help of a friend.
  3. Using the jockey wheel, lower the hitch onto the ball and close the hitch catch.
  4. Wind down the jockey wheel all the way, remove from the drawbar and stow.
  5. Attach the two safety chains to the tow vehicle, using the two D shackles in an X configuration.
  6. Insert the camper 7-pin plug into the tow vehicle, using the adapter if required.
  7. If using a portable electric brake controller unit, connect the 7-pin plug with the brake controller and run the cord through the car to ensure that the control is in easy reach. It is a legal requirement that the control unit is stored with the driver.
  8. Release the camper park brake.
  9. Remove chocks from the wheels, noting you may need to move the van slightly to achieve this.
  10. Check that driving lights, brake lights and indicators are functioning.
  11. Attach extension mirrors to the rear-view mirrors of your vehicle – if using.
  12. If using the fridge, remove mains power, ensure fridge switches to battery power and stow power cable.
  13. Do one last walk around of the van to ensure all hatches and doors are secured.
  14. After taking off, immediately check that electric brakes are working and adjust voltage as required.
ImageCamper brakeImageImageCamper brakeImageImage

Camper Trailer Towing tips from Jayco