Carl the Camper trailer being towed

How to Reverse a Camper Trailer – Video

A quick instructional video from RAC about the best way to reverse your camper.

1. From the right top corner of the bay, take 2 steps forward & 4 steps to the right. - This is where your back right corner of the van should be when you start reversing.

2. Holding the steering wheel from the bottom, turn the steering wheel all the way to the left (anti-clockwise). Then bring it back half a turn.

3. Now begin revering into the bay. Aim for the right hand corner of the bay.

4. Once the back right hand wheel reaches the top right-hand corner, turn the steering wheel to the right (clockwise) to align the van and reverse into the bay.

5. Slowly bring the wheel back to centre to straighten up the car and camper.

Don't forget to leave room for the awning and a place to sit.

Happy Camping