Jayco Hawk Camper Trailer Pack Down Instructions

Bob the Jayco Hawk pack down information

If you have any doubt whatsoever or the checklist is unclear to you, please do not hesitate to call us at any time during your trip. We would much rather talk you through doing something with the camper, than have something break.
pack all items below the level of the beds in the camper trailer

1. Close all the windows.

2. Secure the curtains with Velcros.

3. Secure all interior items. Ensure everything is stowed below bed height.

4. Check that all the draws and doors are closed and locked with the button pressed in.

5. Close the top ventilation hatch.

6. Switch fridge to battery or if no food left in the fridge turn it off.

7. Turn off the gas at the bottle.

8. Disconnect and pack up the electrical cord, water hose and waste outlet hose and store them in the front compartment.

9. Unplug the 12 volt light plug, located near the sink.

10. Turn off the battery switch, located at the base of the back seat.

secure the camper trailer doors and draws for travellingset the camper trailer fridge power for transitturn off the camper trailer battery switch
fold the camper trailer door up into positioncamper trailer door latch secured

11. Attach the door to the roof

  • Unlock the 2 knobs on the top of the door.
  • Unlatch the top half from the bottom half.
  • Separate Velcro from walls.
  • Lift the door up to ceiling and secure with clips.
  • Apply the plastic cover.

12. On the outer side of the lower door click the door hook into the holder.

13. Undo the Velcro from along the bottom of the beds.

14. Go inside and remove the internal support bar from above the beds and store under the mattress.

15. Go back outside and fold the canvas over and onto the beds.

16. Remove the bed support poles and slide in the beds.  ALWAYS CHECK THAT THERE IS NO CANVAS THAT CAN BE CAUGHT IN THE TRACKS WHEN SLIDING BEDS IN. Store the poles under the mattress

velcros under the bed on the camper trailerfold in the bed end canvas on the camper trailer

17.  Lower the bed fly support and awning poles and loosen ropes.

18. Pack up the pegs and poles for bed flys and the awning.

  • The bed flypoles are stored in the black bag and the awning poles are stored in the silver bags.  Please make it easy for the next guests by putting the poles back in the correct bags.
  • The front and back awning pole bags are stored in the awning bags and the silver bag is stored in the camper on the floor.
  • The pegs, ropes and hammer are stored in the green bag, in the front compartment.
camper trailer support poles

19. Unwrap the canvas from around the riser poles at the four corners of the camper and tuck them into the inner side of the riser poles.

20. Remove the 2 support poles and store them under the mattress at each end of the camper.

21. Using the winding handle, wind down the roof to leave approximately a 30 cm gap.  Walk around the camper and push all the canvas in. (DO NOT PUSH TO HARD ON THE FLY SCREEN)

22. Wind down further to leave a 5cm gap and again walk around pushing all the canvas in.  If the canvas is not pushed well into the middle of the beds, the roof will not close and latch.

NOTE:  keep the canvas pushed down around the bed to stop dust getting into the bedding.

camper trailer pack down
camper trailer awning bagslower camper trailer step

23. When the roof has been completely lowered, close the four latches to secure the roof to the camper.

24. Roll up all the awning and zip up the bags.

25. Shake out and pack the green flooring and the door mat.  Store both in the front compartment.

26. Slide in the step.

27. Check the roof vent is closed.

28. Hitch to the Car.

29. Wind up the four stabilising legs, pick up the four blocks and store in the front compartment.

30. Remove the jockey wheel and place in the front storage compartment.

31. Release the camper handbrake.

32. Collect all wheel chocks and levelling ramps (if using) and store in the front compartment.

33. Lock all exterior compartments and the door.

34. Check indicators and brakes are working on the camper trailer.

35. Check the site to ensure it is tidy and all items have been collected.

When you return the van please let us know if anything is broken or not as you expected it to be.  That way we can ensure it is fixed or replaced for the next happy camper.

camper trailer hitchcamper trailer hand brakecamper trailer chock the wheelsCamper trailer lights